Our Archives Are Digitized & May Be Printed at No Cost

Process for Researchers
Past Perfect System

Our Past Perfect system contains the records of all of the Museum’s artifacts. Approximately one-half of these items have been shared with the University of North Texas for their online museum. It is recommended that researchers seeking documents and pictures first attempt to locate items through the University as these have been digitized and may be printed at no cost.

DHPS Members or Other People Interested in Searching Our Archives, the Following Process is Recommended:

  1. Contact the Museum Director at least one week in advance to set up a time that he/she is available to instruct the researcher in the PastPerfect program. The Director shall be available whenever possible depending on his/her other responsibilities. No financial, membership, or other proprietary information related to the Danish Heritage Preservation Society may be accessed.
  2. For printing pictures, the researcher is responsible for providing photo paper with sizes commensurate with the Museum’s ability to print. The Director will provide that information.
  3. All searches shall be accomplished during regular business hours unless special arrangements with the Director are made.
  4. The Director or his/her designee will be responsible for pulling items from the vault or other storage areas. NOTE: This may require the researcher to return at a different time depending on the Director’s schedule. The researcher will request items by using a form showing exactly which items are requested and their location. The researcher will be responsible for seeing that the items are returned to their correct folders/boxes for return to the vault. At no time will the researcher be allowed into the vault without the assistance of the Director or his/her designee.
  5. The researcher may be required to wear gloves during the search.
  6. There will be a $.50 per page fee for any documents that are printed on 8X11 paper; larger sizes will be $.1.00 per page.
  7. No items may be removed from the Museum without Board approval.
  8. Taking photographs of items in the collection is permitted.
  9. If used in a product, i.e., book, article, video, the Museum will be given credit.
  10. Other stipulations may be required depending on the researcher’s requests.